Our Company

Great Reputation

We have built our reputation – since 2005 – helping thousands of families adopt new puppy into their homes. We are committed to making your new relationship with your puppy the best that it can be.

  • We have the best husbandry program in the market, and that means healthier pets!
  • We offer the best condition kennels for our puppies and with large green areas where puppies can play and mingle with our other breeds.

Professional Staff

We are proud of what we do. It is this aspect as well as our puppies and a real love of dogs that gives Wolfwood Kennels it’s reputation.

A major focus is to educate people about puppies. This information assists customers in making informed choices that improves the quality of their lives and the lives of their puppies.

Puppy Adoption

Adopting a puppy can be one of the most joyful experiences of your life. That’s why we’re here.

Wolfwood Kennels  puppies must meet standards before they can be adopted.

Our Program:
A Wolfwood Kennels puppy is provided with significant veterinarian care and vaccinations before it is placed in your home.

  • We use high quality food. All our puppies are feed Royal Canin
  • They are regularly vet checked.
  • They are wormed and receive their first vaccination.
  • Socialisation with adults and children including lots of play.
  • Daily Exercise.

Your Benefits:
Wolfwood Kennels offers many different breeds, we will help match you with the right breed for your personality and lifestyle.

  1. Before Wolfwood Kennels puppies go home they have veterinary exam.
  2. We provide a record of vaccination.
  3. Our Puppies come with a Microchip ready for activation.

Puppy Transportation

Having our own specially designed transport and appropriate transport licenses, so we can drive to your home and deliver your new puppy personally. Please call 085 861 4254 for prices.